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The Last Jedi was the Last Straw For Many Star Wars Fans

December 18th, 2017

*UNWARNING* (This article contains NO spoilers)

Since the release of the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, it has been met with intense fan dissatisfaction to the point and I quote. “Terrible movie…..I’m done with Star wars….I’ve read over a 100 star wars books…I’m out”  Fans are feeling empty, the movie franchise has not made good on what people are looking for.

Back in 1982, while in the US Navy, each night I’d listen to the Empire Strikes Back on audio cassette, a dramatized recording which fed an  intense desire to join Han and the crew to fly aboard the Millennium Falcon saving the universe.

Frustrated! No matter how much I wanted to step though the movie screen or melt into the pages of a Han Solo novel, it was impossible because it’s a fictional story, there is no Han Solo, light sabers are press camera light bulb handles and Ewoks are fuzzy costumed actors conceived in Lucas’s mind.

Two years later, while relaxing  on board my ship, the USS Alamo, I was taking a break and uncharacteristically read the Book of Revelation, a prophetic book found in the Bible. As I read the pages of these 2,000 year old verses, something so incredible, so unexpected, totally changed the course of my life…I discovered The Real Star Wars Story;

Enter the graphic novel by Jim Pinkoski titled The Star Lords Controversy. Pinkoski captures the essence of this story from the scriptures,with an easy to read compelling captions with colorful illustrations retelling the original good vs. evil story. Guaranteed to fill and satisfy your wants of true adventure. Because it’s a true story, it will not, it cannot disappoint.
Take a closer look at this incredible graphic novel HERE

You are Invited to the Unveiling of The Tree of Life – December 30th 2017

December 8th, 2017

To unveil a painting is an uncommon thing. When you consider the process of creating a painting, from concept to finished art, it can take months and sometimes years to get the final result the artist wants.

          (Elfred Lee’s The Invitation)

It’s been over 13 years since we unveiled Elfred Lee’s original fine art Noah’s Ark print titled: “The Invitation.” A crowd of over 100 in Syracuse, NY witnessed this event, many took home a print to place on their walls.

On Saturday December 30th 2017 at 11am, another Elfred Lee original fine art piece will make it’s debut and you are invited. The unveiling will be conducted at the conclusion of a sermon titled the same as the painting “The Tree of Life” 

The painting is so colorful and inspiring, that the few who have had a glimpse at it, were, shall I say, pleased to overwhelmed with positive emotion.

The location of the event will be at the Fulton SDA Church 45 West 4th St. South in Fulton, NY 13069. Here’s the directions. DIRECTIONS

See you then.

So Do You Want to Live Forever? – The Tree of Life is HERE.

November 21st, 2017


Who wouldn’t want to live forever… and according to the book of Genesis, The Tree of Life was supposed to be the medium God was to use to perpetuate human existence throughout eternity. However there was one problem. A nearby counterfeit tree had tempting fruit, but it results in death.

Fast forward 6,000 years and you have the Earth ready to close up shop and waiting for it’s Devine “make-over.”  When this happens, this Tree of Life, the same tree protected and held in storage from Genesis, will be replanted on Earth and the inhabitants will once again eat the life giving fruit…and so begins again the journey of eternal life.

Artist Elfred Lee has assembled the research to construct the only accurate depiction of the Tree found in the book of Genesis and then again making a second appearance in the book of Revelation.

This giclee on canvas print comes in 4 edition sizes. Go to our MUSEUM STORE to explore the Tree which awaits our return…to give us Life.

New Bible Museum Opens in D.C.

November 18th, 2017

On Friday November 16th 2017, near our nations capitol, Museum of the Bible opened to the public. This $500 million dollar, 430,000 sqft. facility was  built to showcase…well the Bible. But not just old dusty parchments in a glass case, theres much more to this museum.  What I found interesting is that the museum gives examples of the Bible’s historical influence on wars, nations and people like The Revolutionary war, Scientist Galileo, Reformer Martin Luther and the formation of the United States of America. Perhaps the Bible is worth a read and a visit to this new museum.

The Museum’s e-bay Store Re-opens…

November 3rd, 2017

In preparation of the November  release The Tree of Life by Elfred Lee, the museum has reopened its E-bay store. The Tree of Life will be added to the store this month with 3 exciting canvas sizes. In the meantime we are offering the limited edition print of Noah’s Ark titled The Invitation by archeological illustrator, Elfred Lee. Here’s the link to get there. Museum E-bay Store

Do You Tweet? The Museum does…

October 30th, 2017

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Introducing ((NEW)) “The Tree of Life” by Elfred Lee

October 27th, 2017


Long overdue hello from us to you. Our 7 year hiatus is over and are back creating a new version of the museum. Now, the museum is not open, however we in the process of filling a small section of the museum at our Phoenix, NY location into a mini-museum and will be open to the public in the coming months.

Today marks the release of a new Elfred Lee masterpiece titled “The Tree of Life.” Here’s a sneak peek at this kaleidoscope of color depicting the final triumphant return of the Tree of Life back to Earth, which was taken to heaven just before the world-wide of of Noah some 4,500 years ago.

This print will go on sale in November and found in our Museum on-line store. For those of you interested in pre-sale special, e-mail us at  for full details.

Chupacabra Mystery(( SOLVED)) 2017 Update

June 16th, 2010

The Chupababra. A queer hairless dog-like critter roaming the backyards of America is becoming less of a mystery at least at the Lost World Museum.

One of the main characteristics of a “Chupacabra” is its hairless condition.  I recently came across a few pieces of the puzzle about the hair-loss and I’ll try to shed some light on what the cause might be. As of this writing, scientists seem to attribute the bald appearance to a condition known as mange.

Here’s one assumption, that it’s mange that I believe has created a stumbling block for most in trying to solve this mystery. Every non-science person I’ve personally interviewed, 8 in all, told me they know the animals indiginous to their area and they know what mange looks like and emphatically each have stated to me “This is not mange!” I believe them and have I just did not know what to do with their testimony until now.

I’ve been puzzeling over this for 4 years now and finally due to recent evidence over the last 8 months, it shed some light on the hair-loss issue so that local folks opinions make more sense.

Something you may not know is that a half a dozen scientist’s over the last 4 years have explained away any mystery by attributing the hair-loss as, “Oh, it’s mange.” These statements are in response from personal observation of photos or a film. That’s it. No real evidence. No labortory testing, just images. Now a few carcasses did make it into the labs and have been tested, like 3 dead Chupas. The tests came back, are you ready?  “Mange” – 2X’s and “Not Mange” – 1X.  Is this conclusive enough? How do we reconcile the testimonies of the locals and their “Street Smart” knowledge that it isn’t mange?

Ok so as far as I’m concerned, the plethroa of scienctific evidence is mostly opinion without real hard evidence. The locals swear it’s not mange and I’m siding with the locals and here’s why.

Since Jan. 2010 there has been other species of animals with a simular condition. Including a Chupa-Coon or bald raccoon and as the video above shows in a german zoo, a bald bear. Both exhibit the same condition as these our gray hairless chicken eating canines do. As you watch the video you can see the grey color and folded skin on the back of the neck similar to our Blanco Texas Chupacabra.

The german zoo does not know what type of disease is causing this disorder. They are eager to find out. If it was mange there is a simple easy test to determine it.

So at this point, my thought is that the “Chupacabras” in the U.S. are a coyote or some type of canine mammal that has a, yet to be determined, known or unknown disease. But it is not mange. This sickness, whatever it is, colors the skin grey and the hair-loss is mostly complete with some hair remaining on the face and tail. It affects our dogs/foxes/coyote which we are now affectionately calling Chupacabra.

Leading  researchers at U.C. Davis conducted an extensive genetic testing of 3-4 “Chupa” specimens including the Blanco Texas cheap we own and we will be sharing their conclusions as they ready to publish their results in some type of esoteric scientific technical journal in about a year.

UPDATE: 11/17/2017 – Mystery solved…  U.C. Davis shared with us their genetic test results. And concluded our “Chupa” was a mix of Mexican wolf and coyote.

Museum’s Conclusion: Based on U.C. Davis’s analysis, and the mentioned other animal types of “Chupas” the  the “Chupabara” is not a mysterious yet to be discovered new species of mamas as some have suggested.

Mange or not mange: Regarding its blue/gray bald skin more of this  animals process is apparently NOT mange… It’s mange-like. Locals who know mange and seems these critters denied over and over that it was not mange and even the scientists are 50/50 on whether it’s really mange. So it’s Mange-like, but not the typical mange the local people see in diseased animals in the wilderness normally. They know and the know what they know.

To conclude, Chupacabra’s are not the devil, it’s a predatory mammal…with a mange-like disease.  We at the museum are satisfied,  based on the evidence, eye-witness reports, Youtube videos, other animal types being affected by this same skin condition along with the  scientific analysis, this mystery is solved. No Chupacabra.

Do Aliens Walk Among us? Well do they?

April 14th, 2010

It’s true, of the 23,000 adults who participated in a this unusual survey, 20% on average said “Yes” aliens do walk among us dressed as humans. The Chinese responded double with 40% polled saying “I believe!” Wow, how do you tell who is my real brother and which might be adopted? Do they hide there looks with a mask, technology morphing their looks? If you ask one if they are an alien, are they compelled to tell you the truth? I’m confused, but apparently these people are not.

To explore this theory further IF the world was ever visited by alien life forms thousands of years ago and  improve  on our genetic human development, check out the 1970’s classic documentary, Chariots of the gods.

For me, I believe 4,000 years ago, intelligent giant humans were responsible for all these impossibly built ancient technological mega-structures. Aliens as we understand today being reported in the news and on video are a hoax of the devil. Not sure what part this elaborate scheme is going to play in the very end of days. I believe it’s a set-up now for something in the future.  Just be safe and be open to this idea. Because if we live through the day preceding the 2nd coming, seeing will not be believing.

Is the Famed Shroud of Turin the Burial Cloth of Jesus?

April 3rd, 2010

Apparently those who believe in its authenticity are going to great lengths to map out digitally and recreate this graphic embedded in cloth into a 3D equivalent which is going on display in Turin, Italy April 10th-May 23rd 2010. Yes that’s right in order to see every nuance they will be passing out 3D glasses to everyone giving an opportunity to study this one-of-a-kind artifact themselves in the third dimension.

Is it a hoax? I believe it is a very compelling convincing hoax. Why? Simply because the new testament records the grave cloths were a 2 piece. A head cloth and a body cloth, wrapped around the deceased.

Whether it was created to fool people or to honor God cannot be determined, the artist never recorded his or her intensions for us to consider.