Cy Mania Continues

Kipling West Cy 6x6kitten_300 low res.jpgHello Friends,

Over the last four days the response to Cy has been overwhelming. I want to thank everyone who has written. We’ve received some pretty interesting e-mails. Some from those who understand and support what Cy is accomplishing. While others are evolutionist’s mocking or tearing down our attempts to put a name on their philosophy/science. However one e-mail from an evolutionist who was actually nice explained his views in an intelligent, calm and respectful manner. Thank you Nathan! Behind the scenes we are busy finishing up the story of Cy, which will appear on her three part series postcards.

Those of you just getting aquainted with Cy, let me take you back to January 9, 2006 when Cy hit the Internet. Amidst the media frenzy, several artists felt compelled to express their affection for Cy in various mediums. Our first featured artist is Kipling West who has provided us with this blogs art. Click on the photo atop for a closer look.

Our second artist, Carla Carpio,wrote this lovely ode to Cy.

Oh Cyclops Kitten
I didn’t know you
but I bet you woulda made a great pet
woulda scared everybody at the vet
you are the cutest thing I wish that I had met

Oh Cyclops kitten
you didn’t have a nose to smell
but it’s really just as well
what kind of creature are you?
it’s hard to tell

But I think you’re the sweetest cyclops I’ve ever seen
And those who think differently are just shallow and mean
and you wouldn’t want an owner like that
i’d be proud of you with two eyes
or even one at that.

Cyclops Kitten
it’s probably better that you’re gone
no big dogs to taunt you on the lawn
no hairballs to hack up when you yawn
just a peaceful place for a one-eyed beast
oh cyclops kitten, you can rest in peace.


One Response to “Cy Mania Continues”

  1. jasto Says:

    i read this museum creator’s comment that he sees only negative or neutral mutations, no positive ones. as my 8 year old son shouted in reply – that’s because it often takes millions of years for the mutation to help an adaptation. let’s not forget that mutation is involved in evolution as the process by which a species adapts to a new environment or adapts better to the same environment than earlier ‘versions’ of the species.
    it’s as simple as that.
    if you like to read and study, read about how the bible was assembled for many available texts. read about how the ‘creation myths’ of the old testament are strongly related to the creation myths of other non-monotheistic traditions of the region. genesis is a myth. a lovely, thought-provoking, insightful MYTH. hello, you do know that the moon doesn’t shine with it’s own light, as genesis implies. can’t you take it from there?
    please, stop being willfully stupid. please, stop promoting willful stupidity. it’s so bad for our country and our species.