Eight Products and a Painting

Mock-Up-7-rev3.jpgThe April 2004 unveiling of The Invitation was a success. Elfred went back to San Diego and Christen and I went off to our Web Designers to see how they were coming with Bibleland’s web site development. As that was not enough to keep us busy graphic designer Leonard Assante and I were working on the new Bibleland web page. The design we originally created could not be used because the pattern could not be repeatable for easy quick downloading.

_Absolute-Final-Layout2.jpgHere is what we had to settle on. You know sometimes compromise is the most reasonable way to complete a project.

Well we launched the web site on May 24, 2004. Wow! we thought, we got eight books, a painting in our store and our first article published. We naively thought that everyone was going to find out about Bibleland, think it was cool, volunteers would line up to write articles and help out. Thousands of customers would crowd our stores and purchase books and paintings by the cart full! Not so. The reality was we attracted 14.5 people per day with almost non-existent sales to support the company. For months this went on until we started to understand that there is no magic to the age-old concept of marketing. If no one knows about you they will not come.

DCP_2290.JPGOctober 10th 2004 Elfred Lee gave an outstanding interview on radio station WGTS. Dr. Lee shared his experiences of searching for Noahs ark and recounting his sketches of wagon wheels found 80ft. under water in the Red Sea to a Washington, D.C. audience. Host Jerry Fuller asked Elfred to explain his new painting The Invitation that Elfred created for Bibleland Studios which then brought the fascinating one-hour interview to a conclusion. The result? Web traffic went up 200% and now I felt the word was getting out about Bibleland and we were on our way. Or were we?

In our next blog see our first experiment with a Dinosaur that swallowed a Man.

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