“Mutations are never very helpful!”

3D_cyclops - Pinkoski550.jpgThe significance of Cy is becoming more apparent as time goes on. As you can see, some of the blog’s comments have allowed us a peek into the debate between Evolution and Creationism. You can probably tell from the heat it generates that people have some pretty strong ideas when it comes to the question of origins.

Update on Cy:
Well Cy is about to be placed in her permanent home. She has been resting comfortably in a vat of formalin these last two weeks waiting for the person in charge of her preservation to come back from vacation. Cy will under go several additional baths of alcohol mixtures before she is ready. We are working on something that will allow us to display Cy in the late summer of this year. We will announce where and when Cy will go on display for the first time publicly here on this site before it goes to the media.

I want to thank Jim Pinkoski for the Cartoon and Caption.

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