Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Cy Cards.

Cy Postcard Front 01.jpgEarlier this month the Associated Press created a media frenzy over a one-eyed cat named Cy. Due to the limited information being rehashed over thousands of newspapers and web sites around the world, it left people wanting to know more about Cy’s story. Some have written us and asked, “What did the original owner Traci Allen think when she first discovered Cy?” “Why did the Lost World Museum want Cy?” “What is Cy’s significance? “How did she end up with one eye?” “Can I visit her?”

These questions along with her “new roll” as the museum’s spokes animal necessitated the production of the new informational Cy cards. The story is in three parts. Each of the three cards has a different photo of Cy when she was alive. These are the only three photos ever taken during Cy’s short life. The original photos were extracted from the former cat owner’s camera memory stick. This allowed the images used to be the absolute highest quality reproductions of Cy available. These cards are a full 6″x9″ and you can have all 3 in a set for $5. Due to the limited numbers we print you may want to pre-order yours before the lines form. To purchase your very own legendary Cy Kitten cards Click Here. Cy Kitten cards ship late May 2006.

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