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$10,000 Reward For a Small Mummy

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006

Assante- Reward-Pedro-No-Address.jpg$10,000 Reward for Pedro Mountain Mummy the headlines read. Around the world the AP story circulated as people were introduced to a little known, little man affectionately named after the Wyoming mountain range he was discovered in 1932.

Paleoanthropology is a fascinating subject where piecing together the skulls and artifacts allows us a peek into the history of mankind. Pedro was a bit of an anomaly. The facts are Pedro was a mummified human and only 14″ tall! The many scientists who examined the mini-mummy were divided. The anthropologist group said Pedro was a diseased baby. But medical doctors and radiologists thought Pedro was a full-grown adult. To make matters worse he was stolen in 1950 and not heard of since.

Reward-Newspaper Post Pedro.jpgSo I thought to offer a $10,000 reward for his return. The news article allowed me to challenge evolutionary thinking. We asked if Pedro is a full grown adult and IF he is one of many who have existed in the recent past, does the evolutionary family tree have a spot all picked out for him? What about creationists? What would they do with a small man and the Biblical view of human history? Pedro presented potential challenges I wanted to see play out but only if we could find the diminutive fellow. If Pedro was found then we could have him go through a battery of tests to find out what he is.

Although leads resulted from the news story, they did not help us materialize the little man. But as a result of the research, it prompted me to write a book about Pedro and the legends of little people, which was soon to be released.

Well this brings us up to about April 2005 and we are about to turn the corner and go full steam ahead with the museum and how it all got going again.

Did a Dinosaur Swallow A Man?

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

Dino man final.jpgIt was late December 2004 and in a creationist newsletter from Australia published what appeared to be a fossil of dinosaur swallowing a human! Such a find and its significance and implications grew steadily. With some investigation I found it was a fake, I was completely fooled.

So were many creationists when this faked fossil first appeared on the net April 1, 1999. Disappointed? Yes but instead of despair I decided use this evolutionist prank to make two important points.

1.) Awareness of the possibility of Man and Dino co-existing
2.) Encourage Creationists to be better investigators of the evidence.

c1.gifTwo days before Christmas 2004 we announced that on December 24th we would show the Dinosaur Swallowing Man Fossil. A follow up article on January 1st would tell everything we knew about the dubious fossil. Many evolutionists were unsure where we were going with this one and thought I was going to embarrass myself. Several who knew of the hoax tried to warn people our then forum  and on the front pages comments section, which we promptly shut down to prevent anyone from spoiling the fun. On January 1st 2005 we published the whole truth and showed the photos of the faked fossils being buried in a New Mexico desert.

The point we were trying to make with this faked fossil fiasco was a reminder to creationists not to jump too quickly to conclusions as they did for a few days after the April fools joke of 1999. That when we see something that appears to support the creationist conclusions we need to scrutinize it without too quickly making claims that would not hold up. But I can appreciate the creationists desire for such a fossil. Evolution claims that man and dino were 65 millions years apart and most creationists believe dinosaurs and humans walked together before and after the flood, who wouldn’t want a fossil like this in their camp? It would be the holy grail of creationist paleontology. Perhaps someday we will find a fossil like this but until then we need to be brutal with the evidence!