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Wife Says, “Gut it!”

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

DCP_3914_1.jpgAs I walked the proposed museum’s site I realized the space needed remodeling. But as you know, many times there is more than one way to accomplish a task.
I’m sure you can all relate with the arguments you’ve had with a boss, spouse or parent as to how something SHOULD be done. Well my original thought was caulk and paint but my wife said, “gut it!”

But dear, I pleaded, “It will cost too much and it will take more time than we would like.”  She insisted, “Gut it!” Ok then, I responded back,  Let me ask three people I trust. I’ll give them the two scenarios and let them give us their opinion. Doesn’t the Bible state, “In a multitude of counselors there is safety?” Public opinion would win this fork in the road one way or another. So I went to the three who happen to have experience in remodeling and asked the question and guess what all three said? Gut it? No! They unanimously agreed that caulk and paint would be the way to accomplish step one of the museum’s economic renovation.

DCP_3915_1.jpgDid I gloat? If I did, it was for a microsecond, because three days later with hammer and pry bars we began gutting the space to the bone. The extra effort was worth it. Traveling the route my wife suggested and its rightness was becoming increasingly apparent as more and more of the bare walls presented themselves. So mark one down for the wife being right. This was late October 2005.

Next up: The Naked Museum.

From Dream to Reality

Friday, July 14th, 2006

75 State Exterior.jpgMy Real Estate office is in a split commercial space. Next door there is a former retail space that has not rented successfully the last four years. It was October 2005 as I walked the space wondering what to do, an idea came to me.

“Open this vacant commercial space for the museum.”  My original concept was becoming a reality and so I rang my wife, “Honey I got an idea!”

Next up: She said “gut it.” I said, “No.”