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The “Naked” Museum – Bare bones that is…

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

DCP_3943.jpgIt was November 2005 and we were suffering through much dust. Lathe and plaster, as many of you know, is dirty and messy. We stripped the future museum’s interior walls till we hit concrete. This building was one of those that had been destroyed in the great Phoenix fire of 1916. The entire village had suffered major losses when a nearby paper mill caught fire and set the downtown ablaze destroying all of the buildings. So as the myth of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes to fly again so also the village of Phoenix was rebuilt by 1918.

DCP_3933.jpgThe structures floor plan was originally a single commercial unit split into two spaces some 50 or more years ago. Our plan was to maximize the space we had. Every foot counted. A set of cellar stairs would be moved back to its original DCP_3948.jpgspot giving us even more floor space. Thankfully the interior walls are a full 10 feet tall and will be used to our advantage. Remember we are a museum specializing in giants. We will need every foot we can use.

Next up: LWM Goes Public.