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What is a Chupacabra? Science Speaks!

Monday, October 16th, 2006

Chupacabra Bones Sept. 2006.jpgMonday morning September 20th Cornell University was a bustle and hustle with new veterinarian students trying to find their classes. But Justin Austin, 21, hunter and mechanic, was not there to attend class, he was there to discover what species of dead animal he had brought to the science lab a week prior. The attendant stood with the familiar gray plastic tub with a blue tarp bundling a mixture of manure and Chupa bones and placed it on the counter. Justin sighed with relief that the Chupa bones had not been discarded as he had feared. He pressed the attendant for answers as to what this critter is or rather was. “Well,” she said, “a few of our staff looked at a few of the bones and well, they believe it is a fox. A deformed fox with mange.”

Later that day I called Justin. “A fox with mange? hmmmm, What do you think of that Justin?” His response was the same as the other two boys, “No Sir. That was a unique animal all its own. It’s not a diseased fox. Remember what Geordie and Josh said, this critter hopped.” All the eye-witnesses were in agreement. Each with their own experiences knowing the area and the animals native to it, along with the dead critter’s strange gait, told them the scientists were wrong. But what does one do when educated professors disagree with common everyday folks who know their backyards better than they? Can they both be right?

To be continued…

Chupacabra: Scientists Receive a Strange Package

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Chupacabra Container.jpgJustin set the gray plastic bin on the counter. The remains of an alleged Chupacabra were ready for Cornell University’s examination. Surely they could identify this mysterious beast. “At first,” said Justin, “Cornell’s interest was high. They said that they had never seen anything like it! So I left the remains with the college expecting to hear something soon. The only instructions I gave them were not to throw the bones out.”

It was Sunday September 19th 2006 and the corn roast was about to begin. Most of us present had never heard of a Chupacabra. Even pronouncing the name correctly was a struggle. But the idea of an unnamed species, caught here in New York was terribly exciting. That afternoon Justin brought over Geordie and Josh, the two responsible for catching the critter, for our first meeting. The teens relayed their incredible story first hand. We talked about taking this to the press and about the museum acquiring the bones for a future display and both boys seemed fine with that. As I turned to Justin I asked if he could retrieve the bones from Cornell. He said, “I’ll try.” Suddenly Justin’s cell phone rang. It was his wife Holly. You could tell there was excitement in her voice. Justin hung up and looked at me. “My Aunt who works at Cornell said they are going to throw the bones out and I better get over there pronto.” Bright and early the next morning Justin hustled up Cornell’s concrete sidewalk and pushed through the science center doors determined to do one thing, retrieve those Chupa bones!

To be continued…