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Museum Update

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Expanding the museums bathroom.jpgThought I’d take a moment and just bring you up to speed on the museum’s progress and give you an anticipated time frame for its opening. Many things have happened over the last several months including:

Code enforcement – I’m sure for some of you just the mentioning these two words conjures up some real passionate thoughts, but I will say that after examining what the Code officer sais we needed to do to make this construction project proper and get the necessary approvals, the list was actually well thought-out by those state and local boys to make for a safer and better facility. We needed to expand our bathroom to make it handicapped accessible. No problem except that we are cramped already and enlarging this bathroom has cost us in precious square footage that we need for the museum’s displays. However, if the shoe was on the other foot, I believe I’d appreciate it if I could maneuver my wheelchair to use the restroom.

Burying the power cables.jpgFinancing – Personally financing such an endeavor is always a challenge and help is always appreciated so we were excited to discover that the village of Phoenix had a special grant program through the utility company that we could participate in. With this 50/50 split grant we are able to do the following:

1. Place all utilities underground.
2. Upgrade all the electrical systems including meter channels, entrance cable and breaker panels.
3. Strip all paint off the exterior bricks
4. Point the mortar and replace any damaged or missing bricks on the front exterior of the building.
5. Replace a window in the building’s front with a vinyl replacement.


Next up: South Carolina Chupacabra Part II

Chupacabras Spotted in South Carolina Part I

Friday, November 17th, 2006

Concannon Chupa1 Infrared copy.jpgHer name is Ann. Because of the ridicule she has received she does not want her last name to be known. I can assure you she exists and Ann and I have had many phone conversations. Ann is an OGBYN nurse, grew up in the Mount Pleasant, South Carolina area and has a family with several generations of hunters and even a taxidermist. For years Ann’s family exposed her to every imaginable indigenous animal including various two headed and six legged oddities. Therefore she was comfortable knowing every kind of animal in her environment until the summer of 2006. Driving to work she said she would see these creatures in yards and fields. She believes she personally witnessed 5 separate chupacabres. Not all at once, but from the different markings she knew she was seeing more than one.  They looked like a grey hound dog, Ann said, but it wasn’t a dog. It wasn’t like anything I have ever seen – and it hopped. That characteristic kept coming up again and again. In all 3 areas – New York, Texas and now South Carolina – animals movements were all described the same way. They all hopped, on all fours like a kangaroo, but coming down on all paws unlike a kangaroo. What is it??? Ann admittedly was hooked, she needed to know the truth. Concannon Chupa7 copy.jpgShe snapped 50 photos of the sleek grey critter. She contacted various news medias, colleges and universities e-mailing the photos and sharing her story. Few seemed mildly interested at best and skeptical to the point of criticism at the least. One not so gracious response back was and I quote: Any 10 year old could create this photo in Photoshop. Ann was not amused and they wanted more proof. Within weeks Ann had her proof.

Next up: Museum Update.

Investigation leads to more Chupacabras

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Dirty Chupa Bones.jpgDirty animal bones, a broken skull and ten pounds of manure went back with me to the museum. Searching and extracting every bone out of the smelly mess was as difficult as understanding the true nature of this critter.

Any mystery requires more and better data to help solve its untold secrets. So back to the Internet I went. The best and most recent lead was found in Coleman, Texas. According to an on-line newspaper article, a Chupacabra was sighted, shot and killed in September 2005 and its carcass was at a college lab undergoing analysis. On Sept 17, 2006, I phoned the Coleman, Texas local and eyewitness, Reggie Lagow. The soft-spoken 90 yr. old told me that this “critter” killed 30-40 chickens in the neighborhood, was spotted by many and finally shot and killed by his neighbor. Unfortunately the carcass was NOT surrendered to any college like the papers reported.  It was killed on a Tuesday and trash day took it away 2 days later, Lagow said.

Reggie Lagow Aug.2005 Chupacabra copyright 2006.jpgWe spent the remaining time comparing our two alleged Chupacabras. There were a few physical differences. His did not have hair but a wool-like coat, like a sheep but with low pile. It was white, although in the photograph it appears grey. Interestingly enough it had no whiskers, was about the size of a small Terrier 28 – 32 inches in length with the tail as long as the body. I got a good look at it alive when it was in my yard as it ran off with one of my chickens in his mouth. Again Lagow described the animal’s mysterious, unaccounted for hopping gait that each of our animals possessed. “This Critter”, Lagow exclaimed, “was unlike any kind of animal in the area.”As were we winding down our fascinating conversation the Texan unexpectedly dropped a bomb, Did you hear about the critter they found in South Carolina last month?

To be continued…