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World Largest Mastodon is NOW in the Museum

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Joe Taylor and John Adolfi Mastodon.jpgMany people never heard that the worlds Largest Mastodon christened the Lone Star Mastodon was unveiled in San Antonio Texas exactly one year ago today. Unearthed from a Texan gravel bed in 2000 and painstakingly restored by bone digger Joe Taylor of the Mount Blanco Museum, this creature is destined to become the prize possession of some collector, Museum or University. But we need your help.

The Lost World Museum is hard at work getting ready for its Spring 2007 opening. We even purchased a life size replica of this ancient beast for our Giant Mammal Room.
Just to give you an idea how massive this prehistoric mammal was imagine an elephant of today. About 9-10 feet at the shoulder 4-6 tons. Ok get ready to compare this record breaking pacaderm at 14 feet at the shoulder, 10-12 tons and 30 feet long from its 7 foot long tusks to tail. That is one big beast that scientists say roamed all over the United States prior to its extinction.

Next time you walk past 75 State St. Phoenix, NY, peek into the large picture window and get ready for a breath-taking surprise.