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Worlds Largest Mastodon Continues Search For New Home

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Mastodon Reward 250,000 copy.jpgJust got off the phone with Lone Star Mastodon owner Joe Taylor of the famed Mount Blanco Museum. Joe informed me that other projects in the works are forcing him to adjust the price! So we have lowered the offering price by 50%. For most a museum quality rare original anything is out of reach and besides what would a family do with a “stretch mammal” in their living room? But to a museum, collector or business, having such a prize is good marketing for their business.

So let’s help this unknown buyer find what they are looking for. The fossil’s price went down but the reward’s percentage went up from 2% to 4% to anyone able to assist us make contact with the right person or organization and help us sell this magnificent beast at the NEW current price of $250,000.

Please take a look at our new 1 minute video of Joe showing off the stone beast then simply direct anyone to the mastodon section of our site, e-mail us the person’s name and organization you contacted and we’ll do the rest. Up to $10,000 for the person who helps us find a new stomping ground for this one of a kind find.