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Equality of Beliefs

Monday, November 19th, 2007

The JourneyThe question often raised is: Should Evolution and Creation get equal airtime in the schools? And in many peoples mind, the choice seems to be no because of the way the choices are portrayed. But is one science and the other fairytales? That is a fair question and one the Lost World Museum would like to weigh in on.

We feel strongly that each person should be able to make up their own mind on the question of origins without ridicule and that much more education needs to take place to allow everyone to understand the arguments and to clear up misrepresentations on both sides. In order to do that we are committed to placing an evolutionist and creationist interpretation next to every artifact we display.

Understanding the Arguments

Recently I watched a creationist and evolutionist in a debate and one thing seems to be happening so consistently that no one even realizes it. It happens with every issue argued about between creationists and evolutionists, but here’s one example:

The evolutionist said that we have back problems because we used to walk on all fours. And although I can’t remember the creationist’s response, this is enough to show what is happening.

There should be 3 columns:a fact column, a creationist interpretation, and an evolutionist interpretation.

The fact is that many people have back problems. Now an evolutionist should have the right to postulate that people have back problems because we used to walk on all fours, but it should be acknowledged that they have left the fact column.  And a creationist should have just the same right to say that many people have back problems because we are overweight, lazy and have a lifestyle that is not conducive to healthy backs OR to say it is the result of thousands of years of an earth suffering the results of sin – without ridicule. BOTH have left the fact column in order to spin it their way. Neither should be on stronger footing.

When people don’t realize that is being done, then people are left thinking that their choices are fairytales or science.   But there really is science, evolution and creationism.   There are no facts or evidence that could ever prove either one. There is only interpretation and both sides should be welcome to do it to their hearts content.

Creationists are Idiots – The Origins Hot Potato

Monday, November 19th, 2007

hot potatoOne very interesting thing to notice in the origin issue is the tremendous volatility of the topic. The very existence of such hostility indicates what??? I will leave it you to postulate why it is that everyone is so unwilling to let the other side think the way they do. But does one side seem to have more of a need to suppress the other? Is one side hotter under the collar than the other and if so why?

Why can’t this issue be comparable to: What kind of ice cream do you like? I like chocolate. Oh, I prefer strawberry. Why is it that when I google Creationists are idiots that I have no lack for responses and when I google Evolutionists are idiots there seems to be a dearth? By NO means am I saying that there are not hotheaded creationists.  I have seen at least one for myself and it is never pretty when someone belittles another.   But from even a cursory examination, there seems a weighted tendency here.

One such website says, “But creationism is for idiots, a pathetic, blinkered, morally and intellectually bankrupt substitution for thought, one that presents a sad, limited view of the universe.”

Another more polite website says, “Despite massive scientific corroboration for evolution, roughly half of all Americans believe that God created humans within the last 10,000 years. Many others believe the “irreducible complexity” argument of the intelligent design movement — a position that, while somewhat more flexible, still rankles most scientists. This widespread refusal to accept evolution can drive scientists into a fury. I’ve heard biologists call anti-evolutionists “idiots,” “lunatics”…. and worse. But the question remains: how do we explain the stubborn resistance to Darwinism?”

This is not an article to tell you how to think or what the answers are to why there is such volatility within this topic. I simply want you to think for yourself. Dig deep, be honest. Ask yourself, no matter what your belief, why does what the other person says, matter so much to me?