October 31st is the Last Night to See the Chupacabra

Well friends it’s been an incredible ride. ┬áIn one month approximately 500 have experienced Chupa-Mania at the museum. Some have been mildly shocked when confronted with the Blanco Chupacabra and all the supporting photos and videos displayed. But all good things must come to an end or is it the end. As we wait for DNA test results a producer of a famous TV program is “knocking” on our door. We opened the door and wouldn’t you know there is a serious science show on these critters in the planning stage.

For those fortunate enough to be in the proximity of Phoenix, NY, this is the last chance to see the exhibit. Saturday October 31st. 2009 from 6PM-9PM. FREE candy for the kids and a pair of Chupa Fangs for all admission ticket holders. Here’s the DIRECTIONS

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