Chupacabra escapes N.Y.! Heads straight for Texas.

Blanco Texas Chupacabra

So Joe Taylor, this white  bearded hippy looking creationist (He tells me he never was a hippy) from the Mount Blanco Fossil Picture 1Museum asked if they could display the grey critter for their upcoming creation conference April 13-14th, plus display it for all his museum visitors in April. I have to admit, I hesitated at first because this is a one-of-a-kind mystery mammal. But what the hay, it’s just collecting dust while we ready the Lost World Museum for its GRAND opening later this year so off to Texas she went. (Yes this Chupa wears pink)  MtBlancoBldgFrontMDuring the month of April 2010 if you want a glimpse of the only taxidermied mount of the Blanco Texas Chupacabra go to Joe Taylor’s Mount Blanco Fossil Museum in Crosbyton Texas.

If you are just curious enough to see what could be the world’s only perfectly intact representation of a mutated or an entirely new species of mammal then now’s the time to take a trip to Texas where it all started. Click HERE for more information on the museum’s location and hours of operation.

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