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Noah’s Ark Found By the Chinese?

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Fox News just covered a story that the Chinese have uncovered Noah’s Ark 13,000 ft. up the fabled Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey. Click HERE

My guess is that it is not the Ark but the photos sure do look interesting. For more resources on the subject go HERE. For those looking for Elfred Lee’s latest Noah’s Ark art go HERE

Latest Poll: Do Aliens Walk Among us? Well do they?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

It’s true, of the 23,000 adults who participated in a this unusual survey, 20% on average said “Yes” aliens do walk among us dressed as humans. The Chinese responded double with 40% polled saying “I believe!” Wow, how do you tell who is my real brother and which might be adopted? Do they hide there looks with a mask, technology morphing their looks? If you ask one if they are an alien, are they compelled to tell you the truth? I’m confused, but apparently these people are not. Read all about it here.

For more fodder to explore IF the world was ever visited by alien life forms and there mark on our human development check out the 70’s classic Chariots of the gods

Is the Famed Shroud of Turin the Burial Cloth of Jesus?

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Apparently those who believe in its authenticity are going to great lengths to map out digitally and recreate this graphic embedded in cloth into a 3D equivalent which is going on display in Turin, Italy April 10th-May 23rd 2010. Yes that’s right in order to see every nuance they will be passing out 3D glasses to everyone giving an opportunity to study this one-of-a-kind artifact themselves in the third dimension.

In the April issue of the Lost World Museum Newsletter I will give what I believe is proof as to whether this is the burial cloth of Jesus or not. The issue will be published and delivered only to those already subscribed. To subscribe click here. I do not believe it takes a genius to peel away the clutter of fact and fiction to see the truth of this amazing relic of what some consider of great religious importance. So if this is something that has intrigued you for years I’m going to share historical information that seldom enters the investigation, that I believe, confirms whether that this is a hoax or the real deal.

The newsletter is delivered monthly on a wide range of topics including Giant Humans, Ooparts, Anomalous artifacts, Science, the evolution/creation debate, stories from the animal kingdom and more. Go here to subscribe today.  The next issues will be released Monday April 5th 2010.