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Do Aliens Walk Among us? Well do they?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

It’s true, of the 23,000 adults who participated in a this unusual survey, 20% on average said “Yes” aliens do walk among us dressed as humans. The Chinese responded double with 40% polled saying “I believe!” Wow, how do you tell who is my real brother and which might be adopted? Do they hide there looks with a mask, technology morphing their looks? If you ask one if they are an alien, are they compelled to tell you the truth? I’m confused, but apparently these people are not.

To explore this theory further IF the world was ever visited by alien life forms thousands of years ago and ¬†improve ¬†on our genetic human development, check out the 1970’s classic documentary, Chariots of the gods.

For me, I believe 4,000 years ago, intelligent giant humans were responsible for all these impossibly built ancient technological mega-structures. Aliens as we understand today being reported in the news and on video are a hoax of the devil. Not sure what part this elaborate scheme is going to play in the very end of days. I believe it’s a set-up now for something in the future. ¬†Just be safe and be open to this idea. Because if we live through the day preceding the 2nd coming, seeing will not be believing.

Is the Famed Shroud of Turin the Burial Cloth of Jesus?

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Apparently those who believe in its authenticity are going to great lengths to map out digitally and recreate this graphic embedded in cloth into a 3D equivalent which is going on display in Turin, Italy April 10th-May 23rd 2010. Yes that’s right in order to see every nuance they will be passing out 3D glasses to everyone giving an opportunity to study this one-of-a-kind artifact themselves in the third dimension.

Is it a hoax? I believe it is a very compelling convincing hoax. Why? Simply because the new testament records the grave cloths were a 2 piece. A head cloth and a body cloth, wrapped around the deceased.

Whether it was created to fool people or to honor God cannot be determined, the artist never recorded his or her intensions for us to consider.