So Do You Want to Live Forever? – The Tree of Life is HERE.


Who wouldn’t want to live forever… and according to the book of Genesis, The Tree of Life was supposed to be the medium God was to use to perpetuate human existence throughout eternity. However there was one problem. A nearby counterfeit tree had tempting fruit, but it results in death.

Fast forward 6,000 years and you have the Earth ready to close up shop and waiting for it’s Devine “make-over.”  When this happens, this Tree of Life, the same tree protected and held in storage from Genesis, will be replanted on Earth and the inhabitants will once again eat the life giving fruit…and so begins again the journey of eternal life.

Artist Elfred Lee has assembled the research to construct the only accurate depiction of the Tree found in the book of Genesis and then again making a second appearance in the book of Revelation.

This giclee on canvas print comes in 4 edition sizes. Go to our MUSEUM STORE to explore the Tree which awaits our return…to give us Life.

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