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Cy Tees

Tuesday, April 25th, 2006

cyclopskittenshirt-enlargedimage.gifWhen Cy first appeared in the news January of 2006 some quick thinking entrepreneurs brought a number of representations of Cy to market. I want to thank Chris Crosby for this cute design of Cy and the work they are doing over at Sore Thumbs.

“Mutations are never very helpful!”

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

3D_cyclops - Pinkoski550.jpgThe significance of Cy is becoming more apparent as time goes on. As you can see, some of the blog’s comments have allowed us a peek into the debate between Evolution and Creationism. You can probably tell from the heat it generates that people have some pretty strong ideas when it comes to the question of origins.

Update on Cy:
Well Cy is about to be placed in her permanent home. She has been resting comfortably in a vat of formalin these last two weeks waiting for the person in charge of her preservation to come back from vacation. Cy will under go several additional baths of alcohol mixtures before she is ready. We are working on something that will allow us to display Cy in the late summer of this year. We will announce where and when Cy will go on display for the first time publicly here on this site before it goes to the media.

I want to thank Jim Pinkoski for the Cartoon and Caption.

Cy Cat Cartoon

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Cy_Kitty.jpgEvolutionists insist that all life is the result of “millions of beneficial chance mutations” that happened over millions of years — yeah, those mutations really worked well for Cy Kitty!

Cartoon and commentary contributed by Jim Pinkoski.

See Jim Pinkoski’s book, A Creationist’s View of Dinosaurs, at

What good is a One-Eyed Dino?

Saturday, April 8th, 2006

1eye_dino.jpgIf evolution was really true, we would have dug up fossils of all sorts of ancient animals who would have started out with only 1 eye, and then they would have later mutated themselves a 2nd eye! We would find fossils of 1-eyed T-rexes, 1-eyed giant beavers, 1-eyed giant kangaroos, etc. — but we don’t! Bilateral organs like eyes prove that evolution is a LIE — because if mutation and evolution were really true, then it only makes sense that any given life form would just mutate only 1 of any given organ like an eye at first, and then later it would mutate the 2nd one! The Cy Kitty is just a reminder that mutating any organ in any way is going to be harmful to the life of the animal, yet evolutionists rely upon literally millions of mutations to have formed all life — and it’s impossible!

Cy The One-Eyed Cat Joins the Lost World Museum

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Cy Alive2 12-28-05.JPGHi Everyone,
Many of you are here because of all the media hype surrounding the Cyclops kitty. Well, yes, we did acquire it from the owner Traci Allen of Redmond, Oregon and YES it is real and not a Photoshop hoax. Now let me give you the reason for our interest in her and then show you how to receive more information on Cy.

Evolution states that millions of mutations over millions of years with the help of environmental pressures can lift a species from the ape like creature we call Lucy to us today. My questions are these. Do positive mutations exist? The mutations I have seen, like Cy, are either neutral or negative. Also can mutations given enough time and chance really produce greater intelligence, reason, speech and even spirituality to beings? Given the possibilities side by side. I say that it is easier to believe that we came from Adam and Eve and not Lucy and Steve. Either way it requires faith because we did not see Adam created from the earth and we did not see Lucy walking about to know for sure if she was a monkey, deformed person or something else. We did not then or now see evolution produce a gill to a lung or fin to an arm.
IMG_9794.JPGSo what is in store for Cy? Cy went through some surgery to remove a piece of skin so scientists can study why she ended up with one eye. We have her bathing in formalin – a preservative. Later this month her solution will be replaced with alcohol and then she will be ready to go on tour. When not on tour Cy will be on display at the Lost World Museum. As the Museum’s spokes animal, Cy will help people understand what evolution promotes and suggest Genesis is a better answer to the origins question.
Do you want to know more about Cy? We are chronicled Cy’s life, which appears in a set of three oversized postcards. The back of each postcard will tell one part of her fascinating story. The only three photos of Cy while alive, two of which have never been published, will grace the postcards front covers. See them now in our store.