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So Do You Want to Live Forever? – The Tree of Life is HERE.

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


Who wouldn’t want to live forever… and according to the book of Genesis, The Tree of Life was supposed to be the medium God was to use to perpetuate human existence throughout eternity. However there was one problem. A nearby counterfeit tree had tempting fruit, but it results in death.

Fast forward 6,000 years and you have the Earth ready to close up shop and waiting for it’s Devine “make-over.”  When this happens, this Tree of Life, the same tree protected and held in storage from Genesis, will be replanted on Earth and the inhabitants will once again eat the life giving fruit…and so begins again the journey of eternal life.

Artist Elfred Lee has assembled the research to construct the only accurate depiction of the Tree found in the book of Genesis and then again making a second appearance in the book of Revelation.

This giclee on canvas print comes in 4 edition sizes. Go to our MUSEUM STORE to explore the Tree which awaits our return…to give us Life.

New Bible Museum Opens in D.C.

Saturday, November 18th, 2017

On Friday November 16th 2017, near our nations capitol, Museum of the Bible opened to the public. This $500 million dollar, 430,000 sqft. facility was  built to showcase…well the Bible. But not just old dusty parchments in a glass case, theres much more to this museum.  What I found interesting is that the museum gives examples of the Bible’s historical influence on wars, nations and people like The Revolutionary war, Scientist Galileo, Reformer Martin Luther and the formation of the United States of America. Perhaps the Bible is worth a read and a visit to this new museum.

The Museum’s e-bay Store Re-opens…

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

In preparation of the November  release The Tree of Life by Elfred Lee, the museum has reopened its E-bay store. The Tree of Life will be added to the store this month with 3 exciting canvas sizes. In the meantime we are offering the limited edition print of Noah’s Ark titled The Invitation by archeological illustrator, Elfred Lee. Here’s the link to get there. Museum E-bay Store

Do You Tweet? The Museum does…

Monday, October 30th, 2017

Do you like frequent updates? For those who are not already following us on Twitter, please head on over to the the museum’s Twitter site  and “follow us” You will see a lot more updates and cool and curious museum related items there. Hungry for the some tidbits?  Click Here to get some  Tweets.

Introducing ((NEW)) “The Tree of Life” by Elfred Lee

Friday, October 27th, 2017


Long overdue hello from us to you. Our 7 year hiatus is over and are back creating a new version of the museum. Now, the museum is not open, however we in the process of filling a small section of the museum at our Phoenix, NY location into a mini-museum and will be open to the public in the coming months.

Today marks the release of a new Elfred Lee masterpiece titled “The Tree of Life.” Here’s a sneak peek at this kaleidoscope of color depicting the final triumphant return of the Tree of Life back to Earth, which was taken to heaven just before the world-wide of of Noah some 4,500 years ago.

This print will go on sale in November and found in our Museum on-line store. For those of you interested in pre-sale special, e-mail us at  for full details.

Do Aliens Walk Among us? Well do they?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

It’s true, of the 23,000 adults who participated in a this unusual survey, 20% on average said “Yes” aliens do walk among us dressed as humans. The Chinese responded double with 40% polled saying “I believe!” Wow, how do you tell who is my real brother and which might be adopted? Do they hide there looks with a mask, technology morphing their looks? If you ask one if they are an alien, are they compelled to tell you the truth? I’m confused, but apparently these people are not.

To explore this theory further IF the world was ever visited by alien life forms thousands of years ago and  improve  on our genetic human development, check out the 1970’s classic documentary, Chariots of the gods.

For me, I believe 4,000 years ago, intelligent giant humans were responsible for all these impossibly built ancient technological mega-structures. Aliens as we understand today being reported in the news and on video are a hoax of the devil. Not sure what part this elaborate scheme is going to play in the very end of days. I believe it’s a set-up now for something in the future.  Just be safe and be open to this idea. Because if we live through the day preceding the 2nd coming, seeing will not be believing.

A.D. 1440 Vinland Map Vindicated!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Vinland Map Version_1_333kb In school, we were taught Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.  However many evidences have been presented  attempting  to dethrone the traveling Italians honor but nothing, no ancient stone works, mysterious coins with dates before  his arrival or  Egyptian like hieroglyphics etched in stone found in the mid west can have the strength of argument to over turn  such a deeply  held prized  distinction …until mid 2009.

The Vinland map has been known since 1957.  Written on parchment and ink the map shows the outlines of Europe and parts of Africa. However as you scan to the west your eye easily recognizes Iceland and a bit more to the left and there is Greenland traveling across the ocean we see…New Foundland?  What is a section of North America doing on a map carbon dated at 1440?  That’s a half a century before the Queen gave Chris the green light for his own gig.

The latest analysis completed by the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts announced July 17, 2009 declared the map is real, not a hoax. That may make some uncomfortable as one significant piece of history would need to be rewritten. This map adds another piece of evidence that the Vikings were perhaps the first to Discover America as early as 1000 A.D.  Yale University currently owns the map.

Blanco Texas Chupacabra finds new home at the Museum

Friday, September 25th, 2009

 On September 2, 2009 my eyes and perhaps yours too were glued to our TV and computer screens.  The announcement was unsettling, another Texan “chupacabra” had surfaced. But this time the remains were stuffed and mounted instead of being thrown out or deteriorating in some science lab never to be seen again.

The back story goes like this. In July 2009 a “rodent” was becoming a nuisance in a Rosenberg, Texas man’s barn. A taxidermy student attempting to help his cousin out set a trap to poison the offending critter. The next morning a sleek, grey, hairless dog-like mammal lay motionless near the fatal concoction.

Some time passes and the student asks his taxidermy instructor, Jerry Ayer if he would trade some lessons at his Blanco Texas Taxidermy school for this frozen carcass.  Ayer agreed.

Now for the front story.  Ayer contacted his local TV station KSAT.  Just 90 seconds of television journalism launched this story into the stratosphere resulting in a world-wide media frenzy that forced him to shut his school for 2 weeks before he could recover.  100 radio interviews invitations, a death threat, hundreds of uninvited guests, tissue sample requests and among the private collectors and museums vying for the mount, the Lost World Museum made an offer and got it.  Mr. Ayer told me we were the most enthusiastic of the bunch in desiring to display this beast to the world.

There is more of the story to tell.  During the next few weeks we will be unfolding the events as they happen.  The important thing for right now is the museum’s ability to open its doors for a limited engagement during the month of October.  Every Sunday, Mon. and Tues. in October from 4PM to 8PM the museum will exhibit this chupacabra to the public. After which we will close temporarily and add all the fossils, artifacts and other non Chupacabra displays to reopen officially in a few months.

Therefore the museum invites everyone to this special preview to help solve this biological puzzle.  Is this “chupacabra” really a wolf, a coyote, a mange dog or a new species? What do you think? Have you seen one of these and know what it is? We want to know.  No conclusions have been made in cement. Jerry Ayer is unsure and said two veterinarians upon examining the creature scratched their heads, not a clue.  We are committed to add to the growing body of evidence that scientists need to figure this mystery out proper.

Creationist predicts, “No life on Mars.”

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

For more than 30 years one robotic machine after another have landed to explore the rusty martian surface trying to unlock its geological mysteries and solve NASA’s perplexing questions: Can Mars support life? And more importantly: Is there life on the red planet? Recently in the news, NASA announced that salt and other akaline minerals have been discovered that could in fact support life. But will NASA find life…ever?

Before we go any further let me say that Evolutionists criticize Creationists for not using their unique faith based understanding of science to make predictions.  It is true that the evolutionary model does predict and it seems that many of their predictions come “true.” But I would like to take this opportunity, as a creationist, to make my own prediction regarding life on Mars. Allow me first to qualify my prediction.

My prediction is based on the Word of God.  I’m basing my prediction on biblical references that state God alone is life and God alone creates life and places life where He may. That Earth is the only planet that God created life in the solar system. Therefore not on the moon or Venus or the moons of Jupiter or Saturn will we find life.  God does not create life by starting things off with some microbes or algae. His distinctive signature is the ability to get it right the first time with all the complexity, interdependent systems and recycling mechanisms necessary for an entire world of living things to stay in balance and thrive.  Therefore, as hard as NASA tries to find life on Mars, my prediction is NO life will be found on Mars. There are probably beings throughout the universe that God has created since He obviously desires and enjoys companionship. So we may find soil. Yes, even water perhaps, but no life.  Not even a Exo-microbe.

Should my perdiction come true, does this prove the Bible is true? No, however, let it be known that this young earth creationist made a prediction based on his understanding of the Biblical model of how life got here and how it is sustained.  Again, simply put “Mars does not have life.” You can quote me.

John F. Adolfi.

11/10/2017 update… 9 years later and still no proof of life on Mars because there is none.


Chinese believe they found Noah’s Ark

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

4.jpgThe purported remains of Noah’s ark have surfaced once again and a Chinese Christian Ministry exploring the region of Mount Ararat, Turkey since 2004 believes they have found petrified wood that maybe Noah’s

Days of Noah DVD.jpg

Watch the two minute video here on Youtube. See what has led up to this discovery in the rare two hour documentary Days of Noah.