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Focus on Evidence

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

The summer of 2005 went quickly. Over 12 months of battling with Evolutionists on our Bibleland forum challenged us to rethink through the different forms of evidence we could present to validate the first 10 chapters of Genesis. Interestingly, some patterns emerged; they all wanted hard evidence. Thankfully, the most tangible proof of the genesis story happens to be of great public interest. The topics include: Noah’s Ark, Giants Humans, Ooparts (out of place artifacts), Ancient Technology and Anomalous Fossils.

Days of Noah DVD copy 11.jpgNoah’s Ark
Discovering peoples fascination with this topic, we decided to become specialists in Noahs ark resources. Curious if Noahs Ark would prove Genesis, I asked the evolutionists, What if a 600-foot wood boat, carbon dated to 5,000 years, were found atop Mount Ararat Turkey just where the Bible states it is? Would that be proof? Their response was a resounding,”NO, it only proves that a giant boat is atop of a mountain, period.” I asked myself, Does it really? Well, technically they are correct. However, what would such a stupendous find like that really mean?

Giant Humans
Oriental giant.jpgAnother proof I believe is finding and displaying giant human remains. I’m talking about the over 10 foot tall kind. The Bible indicates we started 6,000 years ago tall and strong and have trimmed down thru environmental de-evolution since. I believe fossilized evidence of a skull 36 inches in circumference would build a case for the creation account found in Genesis. But my critics still maintain that this only proves that one or some humans were of extraordinary size. Nothing more. But again I have to ask, what does a giant human really mean? Does it again point to Genesis or evolution?

Ancient technology
Anytime you dig up something too advanced for the time it was found in, to me enforces the idea that man before and after the flood had enormous intellects and sadly dumbed down as his lifespan has over the last 4500 years. When unearthed, the fragments of ancient technological wonders have been assigned by some to alien intervention, but most dismiss these artifacts altogether. What does it all mean?

To me, when you begin to add it all up: Giant People, Noahs Ark, Ancient Technology and Anomalous Fossils, it all seems to point to a world wide flood filled with genius giants before and shortly after the deluge. It says that the Genesis account found in the first pages of the Old Testament is an accurate, historical document. If what I’m saying strikes a cord with you then let’s find out if this hypothesis is correct.