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Is the Famed Shroud of Turin the Burial Cloth of Jesus?

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Apparently those who believe in its authenticity are going to great lengths to map out digitally and recreate this graphic embedded in cloth into a 3D equivalent which is going on display in Turin, Italy April 10th-May 23rd 2010. Yes that’s right in order to see every nuance they will be passing out 3D glasses to everyone giving an opportunity to study this one-of-a-kind artifact themselves in the third dimension.

Is it a hoax? I believe it is a very compelling convincing hoax. Why? Simply because the new testament records the grave cloths were a 2 piece. A head cloth and a body cloth, wrapped around the deceased.

Whether it was created to fool people or to honor God cannot be determined, the artist never recorded his or her intensions for us to consider.


Equality of Beliefs

Monday, November 19th, 2007

The JourneyThe question often raised is: Should Evolution and Creation get equal airtime in the schools? And in many peoples mind, the choice seems to be no because of the way the choices are portrayed. But is one science and the other fairytales? That is a fair question and one the Lost World Museum would like to weigh in on.

We feel strongly that each person should be able to make up their own mind on the question of origins without ridicule and that much more education needs to take place to allow everyone to understand the arguments and to clear up misrepresentations on both sides. In order to do that we are committed to placing an evolutionist and creationist interpretation next to every artifact we display.

Understanding the Arguments

Recently I watched a creationist and evolutionist in a debate and one thing seems to be happening so consistently that no one even realizes it. It happens with every issue argued about between creationists and evolutionists, but here’s one example:

The evolutionist said that we have back problems because we used to walk on all fours. And although I can’t remember the creationist’s response, this is enough to show what is happening.

There should be 3 columns:a fact column, a creationist interpretation, and an evolutionist interpretation.

The fact is that many people have back problems. Now an evolutionist should have the right to postulate that people have back problems because we used to walk on all fours, but it should be acknowledged that they have left the fact column.  And a creationist should have just the same right to say that many people have back problems because we are overweight, lazy and have a lifestyle that is not conducive to healthy backs OR to say it is the result of thousands of years of an earth suffering the results of sin – without ridicule. BOTH have left the fact column in order to spin it their way. Neither should be on stronger footing.

When people don’t realize that is being done, then people are left thinking that their choices are fairytales or science.   But there really is science, evolution and creationism.   There are no facts or evidence that could ever prove either one. There is only interpretation and both sides should be welcome to do it to their hearts content.

Sneak Preview of the Upcoming Cy Cards.

Sunday, April 30th, 2006

Cy Postcard Front 01.jpgEarlier this month the Associated Press created a media frenzy over a one-eyed cat named Cy. Due to the limited information being rehashed over thousands of newspapers and web sites around the world, it left people wanting to know more about Cy’s story. Some have written us and asked, “What did the original owner Traci Allen think when she first discovered Cy?” “Why did the Lost World Museum want Cy?” “What is Cy’s significance? “How did she end up with one eye?” “Can I visit her?”

These questions along with her “new roll” as the museum’s spokes animal necessitated the production of the new informational Cy cards. The story is in three parts. Each of the three cards has a different photo of Cy when she was alive. These are the only three photos ever taken during Cy’s short life. The original photos were extracted from the former cat owner’s camera memory stick. This allowed the images used to be the absolute highest quality reproductions of Cy available. These cards are a full 6″x9″ and you can have all 3 in a set for $5. Due to the limited numbers we print you may want to pre-order yours before the lines form. To purchase your very own legendary Cy Kitten cards Click Here. Cy Kitten cards ship late May 2006.

“Mutations are never very helpful!”

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

3D_cyclops - Pinkoski550.jpgThe significance of Cy is becoming more apparent as time goes on. As you can see, some of the blog’s comments have allowed us a peek into the debate between Evolution and Creationism. You can probably tell from the heat it generates that people have some pretty strong ideas when it comes to the question of origins.

Update on Cy:
Well Cy is about to be placed in her permanent home. She has been resting comfortably in a vat of formalin these last two weeks waiting for the person in charge of her preservation to come back from vacation. Cy will under go several additional baths of alcohol mixtures before she is ready. We are working on something that will allow us to display Cy in the late summer of this year. We will announce where and when Cy will go on display for the first time publicly here on this site before it goes to the media.

I want to thank Jim Pinkoski for the Cartoon and Caption.

What good is a One-Eyed Dino?

Saturday, April 8th, 2006

1eye_dino.jpgIf evolution was really true, we would have dug up fossils of all sorts of ancient animals who would have started out with only 1 eye, and then they would have later mutated themselves a 2nd eye! We would find fossils of 1-eyed T-rexes, 1-eyed giant beavers, 1-eyed giant kangaroos, etc. — but we don’t! Bilateral organs like eyes prove that evolution is a LIE — because if mutation and evolution were really true, then it only makes sense that any given life form would just mutate only 1 of any given organ like an eye at first, and then later it would mutate the 2nd one! The Cy Kitty is just a reminder that mutating any organ in any way is going to be harmful to the life of the animal, yet evolutionists rely upon literally millions of mutations to have formed all life — and it’s impossible!