Chupacabra Apparel (Spanish and English)

Chupacabra Apparel (Spanish and English)

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Friend or Foe? We don't know...yet. What we do know is the Chupacabra has grown from a latin american myth to an U.S. phenomenon that is about to explode.

Scientists are working hard to increase the body of evidence to determine exactly what these beasts are that now roam in our own backyards. However our spanish speaking friends have known for decades of the legendary Goat Sucker A.K.A. EL Chupacabra.

The Chupa tee shirts and hooded sweatshirts are long sleeve and 100% cotton. The critter's eye, fang and the word "Chupacabra" as well as the "11" are all glow in the dark. The tagline "It's eleven o'clock... do you know where your goat is?" can be ordered in either english or spanish.

Style: Long Sleeve Tee Shirt
Color: Black
Sizes: S, M, L, XL $16.95
XXL-XXXXL $19.95
Black Hoodie S,M,L,XL $22.95
XXL-XXXXL $27.95
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