\"Cy\" Kitty informational cards

"Cy" Kitty informational cards

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Cy, the loveable Cyclops kitten will tell her story in this set of
three 6" x 9" postcards. On the back of each card one part of the story is told, while
on the front each card will have a different photo of the kitten while still living.
These are the only three ever taken and two have never
been published anywhere but here.

Cy's photos and her story are more than a cheap freak show.
Cy is the spokes animal for the creation/evolution discussion
now being debated in the courts systems and public school boards.
Cy is a product of mutation. Evolution states that some
mutations are "good". That these "good" mutations advanced all
species, including us, to what we are today. Cy calls attention and
question this assumption.

Are we a product of time and mutation or special creation?
Let Cy speak to you or any group that will find the
question of origins a worthy topic of discussion.

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