Biological Anomalies: Humans II

Biological Anomalies: Humans II

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This second volume on human biological anomalies focuses upon the internal machinery o f the body: (1) its’ major organs, (2) its’ support structures (the skeleton) and (3) its’ vital subsystems (the central nervous system and the immune system).

Subjects Covered:

Enigma of the fetal graft
Phantom limbs
Blood chimeras
Anomalous human combustion
Bone shedders
Skin shedders
“Perfection” of the eye
Dearth of memory traces
Sudden increase of hominid brain size
Health and the weather
Periodicity of epidemics
Extreme longevity
AIDS anomalies
Cancer anomalies
Human limb regeneration
Nostril cycling
Voluntary suspended animation
Male menstruation

297 pages, hardcover, 40 illustrations
Author: William Corliss
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