Archeological Anomalies: Ancient Infrastructures

Archeological Anomalies: Ancient Infrastructures

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Ancient people raised standing stones on all continents save Antarctica. They dug canals 50 miles long and erected even longer walls. Gleaned from hundreds of volumes of Science, Nature, Antiquity and other science journals, this massive collection of archeological puzzles will keep researchers digging for decades.
Subjects Covered:

Costa Rica’s enigmatic stone spheres
Peru’s Intervalley Canal
Iraq’s 100,000 miles of subterranean tunnels (the qanats)
Nova Scotia’s “Money Pit”
Egypt’s canal to the Red Sea
North America’s Calendar sites
Medicine wheels and woodhenges
Sculpted hills and mountains
Chaco canyon’s curious roads
The puzzling East Bay walls
Lake Superior’s copper mines
Stone arrays and meanders
Florida’s shell keys
Poverty Point and Watson Brake
Malta’s strange “cart ruts”

412 pages, soft cover, 255 illustrations
Author: William Corliss
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