The Cape Breton Giant and Other Writings

The Cape Breton Giant and Other Writings

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This is the life story of the world’s strongest genetic giant, Angus MacAskill. Travel along the coast of Nova Scotia in the mid 1800’s as you learn about the birth, life and death of a truly amazing human being.

A study of Angus is a study into our ancient past. The legends from around the world state that their mammoth temples were built by a race of giants. Reading the feats of superhuman strength of Angus, we can see that the impossible structures of Baalbek and Cuzco become possible. Please be advised that not all chapters are directly about Angus but also contains other writings - including prose - from the author that help cast a flavor on the times and location of Angus’ life. But plenty of the 131 pages will captivate the imagination helping us realize that Angus is a glimpse into what we were like so long ago. Imported from Angus' hometown Cape Briton, Nova Scotia.

Author:James D. Gillis
Softcover, 131 pages
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